Computer degree: Computer certifications to be scrapped

Aug 24, 2021 Contact Us

Australia’s National Computer Centre (NCC) says the government should scrap computer degree requirements, citing a lack of demand.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen The National Computer Authority says computer certifications have become “a way for university students to get in, and the only way that they get out of school is to apply for a degree”.

Computer degrees, which allow students to earn a degree on the job, have also become “the only way for students to keep their jobs”.

Computer certifiers were introduced by Labor in 2007.

Photo/ABC The National Centre for Educational and Training Studies (NCES) said the change would help the country grow its digital workforce.

“We know that if we continue to expand the number of computer-related jobs, there will be a need for more graduates from high-demand industries,” said NCES president Chris Ritchie.

“There will be an increased need for those people to have a degree, and we think that’s an area that we can help fill that gap.”

“There’s a shortage of people, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

“The number of jobs that need to be filled in digital services, we think, will rise in coming years,” Mr Ritchie said.

“So we’re looking at expanding the number and the types of jobs in digital, and this would allow us to do that.”

The NCES said the government needed to find “more ways to support those industries, particularly in remote areas”.

The NCS said it was “committed to continuing to support the industry” but that “the current market conditions are not sufficient to justify continuing the current level of student enrolment”.

“We think that the current market situation is not sustainable,” Mr Hatton said.

Photo by Daniel Munoz.

“What we need to do is look at the best way to ensure that there’s enough graduates to fill those roles in the digital economy, and then we will be able to support that industry.”

The NCA said the move would allow more Australians to get degrees in the future.

The government is currently funding the NCA with $6.5 million.

The NCS said it expected that would increase to $15 million next year.

A government spokesperson said the department was looking at options to increase the number, including “a national cap on student enrolments”.

“It would be a good time for the Government to consider the feasibility of providing greater support for the digital sector to support growth in digital skills,” the spokesperson said.

The Government will release a new draft of the National Plan for Digital Transformation on Friday.

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