Computer School ‘the best way to teach English’

Oct 8, 2021 Top Cities

Computer school graduates will have their first chance to learn to speak the English language in September.

The school will launch a website to give students a guide to the language and an online course.

The English Language and Culture Centre is set to launch its website for students on Monday and will provide an overview of the language.

Students can register for the English Language Course online and receive a personalised certificate in two weeks.

The course is designed for those with minimal or no prior language skills and those who need to speak in English to get through a job interview.

Computer Science will be the main focus of the course and students will be taught to use computers, software and programming skills.

They will be given a basic knowledge of how to use web browsers and the internet to do things like search and send email.

Some students will also be taught how to read email and respond to emails.

The website will also give students information on how to access online resources.

A number of computer science courses are also offered at other universities across the country.

There will also not be a Computer Science Certificate.

This is a change from previous years.

In 2016, students in the Computer Science course would have received a Computer Engineering Certificate.

The last time students received a CCE was in 2013.

For more information about the changes to the course, click here.

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