Computer Science Schools Are Now Open to the Public

Sep 26, 2021 Degrees

Computer Science programs in many of the country’s largest schools have been open to the public for more than a year, as the Obama administration works to roll out a program to make it easier for students to transfer into the country-wide system of postsecondary institutions that are part of the Common Core State Standards.

The Obama administration has said it expects to announce its new standards in March, and has begun the process of expanding the number of students participating in online courses.

Students can transfer into colleges and universities that accept the new standards, and can transfer to more traditional public institutions in the meantime.

“The goal of these online courses is to help students who are considering transferring to a school take the first step toward becoming a first-year computer science major,” said a statement issued by the Education Department.

“They help prepare students for the requirements of their chosen school.”

The Obama White House said it will also help students complete the requirements for the National Accreditation Commission for Technology Assessments, a new federal accreditation that is used to set standards for colleges and other schools.

The new requirements will also make it more difficult for students who transfer to public colleges to apply to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin, which has been at the center of a national controversy over its use of controversial technology.

The move comes as the Education and Justice departments, the State Department and the Department of Justice are conducting separate reviews of the California Common Core system.

The Education Department is looking at the implementation of the standards, while the Justice Department is focusing on whether colleges are breaking federal law by using the state-mandated curriculum.

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