How to Make a VR Game for VR using the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR

Jul 1, 2021 Blog

When I’m not working on a VR project, I’m probably watching a lot of TV.

So the VR games I like the most tend to be big, cinematic, and action-heavy.

Here’s how I make my own.


I Need to Know the Right Game Engine: Before I can make a game, I need to understand what kind of game engine is best suited for my project.

It might be a mobile game, a traditional first-person shooter, or a space shooter.

For example, I’ve been trying to make a space-based VR game for a while now.

The VR space is huge, so the engine for this game needs to be able to handle a lot more VR than a traditional FPS can.

I’m currently working on my own VR game engine that has a large library of VR games.

But for now, I will rely on Unreal Engine 4.


I Don’t Have a Platform to Use: The best way to get VR games out there is to make them available to as many people as possible.

This is because VR platforms are often the easiest to get in the first place.

And if I can use Unreal Engine to make my VR game, why not use it to make VR games for other platforms as well?


I Want to Get Started Quickly: I know that there are many people that would love to play my VR space game right away.

They could be my students, or they could be friends.

So I’m going to be putting together a VR demo right now that I’ll put online to get people in early.

I’ll post a link to it here, and you can download it right now and play right away without needing to do any research on how to get your own VR games into the VR space.


I Can Get Started Fast: There are several things that I have to be mindful of when I’m putting together my VR demo.

The first is that I need a lot less than I think I need.

A lot less is usually a good thing, but it also means that I will have to spend a lot longer on it than I would with a traditional game engine.

So it’s important to plan ahead and get a good demo done in the shortest amount of time possible.


It’s a Huge Game: There is no single way to make your VR game.

There are so many different kinds of games that are out there that you could make, and the number of different ways to make these different kinds is overwhelming.

But if you’re able to make one VR game in the short amount of space that I’m creating, then you have everything you need to get started with VR.

I hope you’ve found this post useful.

If you’re interested in learning more about VR and how to make games for it, check out my blog, where I share some tips and tricks for making great VR games as well as how to find VR talent to work on your game.

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