Italy to make changes to computer training courses

Sep 1, 2021 Programs

Italia is planning to make computer training compulsory for its graduates after a number of scandals that led to the resignation of its president.

The new legislation, due to go into effect on July 1, is aimed at improving training for the countrys youth, which is increasingly being drawn by technology.

The measures come amid a number a scandals surrounding the country’s former president Gianni Alemanno.

Italians youth have long been under pressure to learn the latest technologies and their future prospects are being put under strain by technological advances.

The government wants to help youngsters get an edge over the rest of the world by creating an environment that will allow them to learn and develop.

The law, which will be implemented through the state-run ITECs, is likely to be passed in the coming months.

The current system is based on courses at local schools, with students taking their exams and working at their schools until graduation.

But it has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the country and the legislation aims to improve that.

The legislation is expected to make it compulsory for graduates of the computer engineering schools to be trained in computer science, software development and other skills.

The education ministry has been considering how to increase the number of computer engineering courses from 20,000 to 100,000 in the next five years, while the ITEC will be expanding its focus to include computer science.

It is not the first time Italy has been under fire for its youth and education systems.

Last year, Italy’s government proposed to create an additional 300,000 new positions for the youth workforce, which would have included new computer engineering programs.

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