Microsoft hires chief executive to lead new STEM education strategy

Jul 14, 2021 Degrees

Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella said Tuesday that the company has hired his brother, the founder of a Silicon Valley-based software company, to lead its new STEM strategy.

Nadell said he would oversee the company’s new focus on technology, robotics, education and data science. 

“I know what it takes to build the future of computing,” Nadello said in a statement.

“I know the value of working with leaders from all over the world and have worked closely with them to help shape the vision for what the future holds.” 

Nadella’s hiring comes amid an ongoing battle between Microsoft and Facebook over how to create a platform that encourages the use of technology in the classroom.

In a statement, Facebook said it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision. 

The news came just hours after the company announced that its CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, would be stepping down. 

Sandberg said that her decision was driven by the challenges of running a business in a world of rapidly evolving technology, including changing the way we learn, communicate, and do business. 

Navell’s hiring is one of the most significant tech hires by a major corporation in recent memory, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It comes just a month after the tech giant’s CEO, Satya nadella, was named as one of Time’s 50 most influential people in the world.

Sandberg has said that she and Nadeell will “work together to create an inclusive, safe, and secure workplace.”

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