When Your Computer Training School isnt Online: How to Stop a Cyber Attack

Sep 13, 2021 Programs

When your computer training school isnt online: How can you stop a cyber attack?

A study of the impact of internet access restrictions in China has found that students in online learning institutes, such as those offered by Beijing’s Nanjing University, have been exposed to more malicious and dangerous software than their counterparts who are able to access the internet, according to researchers.

The research, which was published in the journal Computer Emergency Readiness, found that, in one case, more than 2,500 malicious software applications downloaded by a third-party app developer were able to take over the users’ computers in just two days. 

A spokesperson for Nanjing university, which has around 400,000 students enrolled, told the Associated Press that the study did not have an impact on its students.

“The university has never been aware of any malicious applications on our students’ computers,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“Nanjing University does not support the use of online learning as a tool for hacking or for other illegal activities.”

The Nanjing-based university said that students who were able access the university’s online course were protected by the university-wide password, but they would need to use it regularly.

The research, conducted by researchers at the US-based Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), also found that more than 1,500 malware samples were downloaded by an app developer, and more than a quarter of those had been able to infect a user’s computer.

ICIT says that it has received at least 5,000 reports of malicious apps downloaded by apps and websites in the past year.

It is not clear how many of those malicious apps were able a user to download, or how many were able the university to install and run, but ICIT said it did not believe the malware could have been a result of any of the other attacks that have affected China in recent years. 

“In a cyberattack, the attacker has no choice but to use a compromised computer to download malicious software,” the company said in a statement.

“If the attacker uses a legitimate online education site to provide training, he/she would need a legitimate internet connection to access this training.”

The research found that the majority of the apps downloaded were apps that were developed for personal use, or were aimed at helping people to use computers for their own personal needs, such the educational apps developed for use by local government departments, as well as commercial apps.

The most popular app downloaded was the popular and highly popular Facebook app, which, among other things, can allow people to upload videos, share photos, share content, and track the location of people in their area.

Other popular apps were WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, and WeChat.

In addition, ICIT researchers said that a large number of apps could be infected with malicious software and the most common way to identify apps infected with malware was by looking at the file size.

The apps analysed in the research were from apps that have already been flagged by the Chinese government, or by the company that developed the app.

The apps are then automatically added to the blacklist for the next two days, according the researchers.

In some cases, malware appeared to have been downloaded by the same app developer and installed by the student, as opposed to being downloaded by someone else, the researchers said.ICIT researchers also found malware that was created by malware researchers on the internet and distributed through the app store, and said that this would also be a likely indicator of malware being downloaded.

The researchers said in their research that the most likely reason for these apps being detected was due to the fact that students were exposed to a lot of malware on their computers.

“It is highly unlikely that the malicious applications downloaded on students’ machines are from the same source that is responsible for the malicious programs used by the attackers in the first place,” ICIT wrote in a report published on Monday.

“Instead, the malware was created in-house by researchers, and they are the ones who were likely to be affected.”

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