Why is a computer science degree such a challenge for some?

Oct 28, 2021 Blog

The number of students in computer science at elite colleges is soaring, but it’s a challenge that many colleges are struggling with, especially in states like Bihar and Kerala, where the top 10 computer science departments account for only 5% of the total enrollment.

The number of the country’s top 10 departments is at just over half of what it was in the 1980s, and students are increasingly choosing to go for computer science as their first or second choice, even if the path to the top is a little more challenging.

As a result, the top computer science degrees have become a key component of the India’s innovation ecosystem, but students are often faced with the question of what to study for, according to a report by a leading university.

In fact, the first year of a student’s course in computer-science is usually the most challenging part of their journey in the field, according the report.

The report also said that while a computer engineering degree was an attractive option for students in the first two years of a college’s computer-education program, there is an issue of quality control at the time of the initial submission.

“In the first phase, the course material is carefully prepared and the curriculum is reviewed.

But later, in the second phase, there are not enough students to complete the entire curriculum,” it said.

The report said the quality control process can be extremely poor at this stage, with students in most departments being asked to do work in their spare time and in a foreign language, and some courses are not completed at all.

“It is very difficult to get a student who has passed all the courses to complete a computer-engineering degree,” said the report, which was based on interviews with over 300 students across 12 computer-and-information science colleges.

In many cases, the students are told they have to complete an entire course on their own, said the study.

A computer engineering program, the report said, requires a total of about five years to complete, while a second year in a computer design program is about four years.

“While a computer engineer can have up to 30 credits in computer design, in computer engineering students are expected to take 10 credits in the courses on the computer design course alone,” the report stated.

“The requirement for a computer system designer, for example, is the same as that for a system administrator.

In computer science, students are required to learn about software architecture and design.”

For the first three years of college, students must also take computer science courses on a separate course, which are designed to help them to pass their exams.

The course is also a requirement for entry into the computer engineering programs of other departments, the study said.

The colleges’ reports also revealed that in some cases, students can be required to take computer engineering courses on their way to their PhDs.

It is common for students to do their studies in a university environment where they have access to a computer and a teacher who is very skilled in their subjects.

However, students have to do all their course work on their laptops or laptops and cannot work remotely, the studies found.

The students’ reports, however, also revealed some students are finding it difficult to finish their computer engineering degrees because of the difficulties in finding qualified teachers.

“The quality of teaching is not high in computer programming courses.

There is a lack of computer training in most colleges, and in most, students cannot take computer programming course in their first year,” the study concluded.

According to the study, a recent study by the Indian Council of Scientific Research (ICSR) said the percentage of students who do not complete their degrees is much higher in the country than the percentage who do.

The average number of computer science students in India is around 30% of what was in 1980s.

The study noted that in the past few years, the number of people with degrees in computer technology has increased significantly.

In 2017, there were 1.2 million graduates of computer technology degrees in India, compared to around 900,000 in 1980.

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